Early Morning’s Walk

Early Morning’s Walk –Joanne Rand 10/4/09

Black and fuschia lycra clad

I walk my dog on extendo-leash

Past velvet Kelly meadows green

Spread in heavenly sunlit sheen

Assaulted by big air machine!

Bearded, booted, hard-hat boys

Wielding floppy nozzled noise

Leaf-blowing fluff from putting green

Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen

Fodder for the big man’s dream

I am the eye that walks alone

Taking pictures as I roam

Black glove waves from the fence-post top

Barking guard-dog will not stop

Exotic live-stock gracing homes

Black iron gates with secret codes

Golden “om” shaped door knock

Gilded and welded and bedded in black

“Om mani padme hum”

Tibetan compassion out of whack

I am the eye that walks alone

Taking pictures as I roam

And in the café, headlines read:

Elderly and handicapped in need

No more Health Care in the home

“Budget deficit cuts to the bone”

“Om mani padme hum”

Where is love amidst the doom?


Which of us will have to go?

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who is wisest of us all?

If I should die before I wake

I pray the lord my soul to take.


About joannerandmusic

Originally from the Deep South, Joanne Rand has been hailed as "Nothing short of brilliant" by Santa Rosa PD, and voted "Best
Acoustic Band" by North Bay Bohemian reader's poll. She has been touring nationally for 30 years and just released her 14th CD. “The muse which inspires Rand only seems to grow stronger with time” (Eugene Weekly).
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2 Responses to Early Morning’s Walk

  1. HA! This is funnny : ) I remember taking that walk with you, but you see a lot more than I did.
    Let’s play poet tag — Two more last lines. here’s mine, you fill in the next.

    If I should wake before I die
    . . . .

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