Ties That Bind


© Joanne Rand 2010, Homefire Productions, BMI

Ties that bind- white and thin

Laced like vines around my skin,

Five strands per hand – my closest kin,

Five fingers wrapped around my shin.

Father, solemn, standing by

See how I fear to fly.

Winged shoes fly me West,

Ties that bind yank me abreast.

I grab my shoelace in my hand

Here and there I break a strand.

Afraid my winged shoes will fail,

I have no heart in setting sail.

Afraid my family ties will break,

I fear these wings are some mistake.

Father, solemn, standing by

See how I fear to fly.

Frantically tying my mythical shoes,

I’m aware of all I have to lose.

See my hesitance and doubt

Wondering will I find out:

Are ties that bind too loose to hold?

My Southern soul is growing old.

Mercurial charm will you prevail

And free these arms to fly the air?

Prodigal son fly home…

Prodigal son fly home…

Prodigal son fly home again

While grandmother time is still your friend.

Grandmother time is still your friend

And Madame gravity’ll do you in.


About joannerandmusic

Originally from the Deep South, Joanne Rand has been hailed as "Nothing short of brilliant" by Santa Rosa PD, and voted "Best
Acoustic Band" by North Bay Bohemian reader's poll. She has been touring nationally for 30 years and just released her 14th CD. “The muse which inspires Rand only seems to grow stronger with time” (Eugene Weekly).
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1 Response to Ties That Bind

  1. Dear Brice,
    Your song is absolutely lovely, as well as the conviction with you sing it!!!

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