Joanne Rand’s music “spans the human condition”(-BioWomens Voices).  “Through her songs, Rand traverses love, politics, conservation, spirituality and life with a seasoned-to-perfection voice, that, according to Terry Tempest Williams, ‘Opens the doors of creation’.” -Santa Cruz Weekly, 2010

Touring nationally for over twenty years, appearing with Bonnie Raitt, Bob Weir, John Hartford, etc., Joanne Rand recently earned a degree in Music Composition and released her tenth indie CD, Snake Oil and Hummingbirds.  “A work so layered and complex it’s hard to call it folk music with a straight face.  But at the core…Rand’s substantial, grounded songs remain.” -Eugene,OR Register Guard. “Another soulful recording by Joanne.  Wonderful renditions also of the Old-Time songs.” writes pianist George Winston. Here Avant Garde Appalachian traditionals mix with originals, sung in Rand’s inimitable style.

Writing and playing music since her childhood in the Deep South, Rand cut her performance teeth playing bluegrass in Alaska and later spun musical magic with natives in the heart of the Amazon.  She fully launched her career in the North Bay Area of California, where she remains revered as one of the region’s finest independent artists. A North Bay Bohemian readers’ poll voted her “Best Acoustic Band,” and this year called Rand a “legendary…longtime local hero.”  The Santa Rosa Press Democrat said Rand’s music is “nothing short of brilliant.”

During the 1990’s Rand moved to Seattle where she helped to anchor the city’s thriving music scene, collaborating with her late brother, Jordan Rand. She is now in Arcata, CA raising her young daughter, teaching, composing, and touring with her band, The Rhythm of the Open Hearts.  Dubbed Psychedelic-Folk-Revival, this woman is “still fierce, still insightful, still inspired…wild and free for a long time to come.”-Eugene Weekly ’09.


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